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Here is my full review of the Utas UTS 15.


Let me start off by saying I really wanted to like thisĀ firearm. I love the look and overall design of the weapon and had hoped that I would like its performance just as much, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. On average I was consistently having between 5-8% failure rate, and almost all of those coming in the way of failure to feed or failure to eject. So, with that being said, the UTS is being touted as a combat/tactical shotgun, and with a serious issue in the way of reliability I, in good conscious, couldn’t give it a good review. The other thing that I didn’t like about the UTS was the fact that there was just to many covers, buttons, and leavers to open, flip or switch in order to operate the gun. I didn’t realize that this would bother me until the first day I took it to the range. Then it became abundantly clear that

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