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MOD1 Firearms Glock 19 One Year Later

After spending just a little over a year with our Glock 19 done by MOD1 Firearms, we are happy to report that the gun has held up amazingly well in that time! The gun has been my daily carry for almost everyday of that year, and shows very little signs of wear to the slide, or the texturing. We have put quite a few rounds through the gun without any real issues to date, we couldn’t be happier with the work that MOD1 Firearms has done! We look forward to many new projects with MOD1 in the future. If you would like to have MOD1 Firearms do any work for you, check them out Here for more information.


The New Sig MPX, It’s Not Perfect

We had a chance to take the new Sig Sauer MPX out for a workout the other day. At first glance we were in love with the MPX. The pistol looks to be well made, with it’s all metal construction and buttery smooth action. What can we say? This thing looks great! The Sig MPX comes in a very nice hard case with cut out foam that fits the gun and included accessories perfectly.The Sig handgun also comes with the new Sig SBX Brace on a folding adaptor that is already attached to the gun. The MPX also includes a sling, three 2″ aluminum rails and a full cleaning kit, very nice touches in our opinion. Continue Reading

Worlds First 300 Blackout Tavor by Gear Head Works

Over the weekend at the 2014 Bullpup Convention in Park City KY, Paul at Gear head Works announced the worlds first 300 Blackout Tavor by Gear Head Works. We of course were on hand to demo the guns first shots to the public. Everyone that came out to see the announcement and demo we’re very impressed with how well the system worked and how smooth it was. We did run suppressed but with only non subsonic ammunition, still trying to work all the bugs out on the subsonic ammo. The reps for IWI were not leaving there without shooting the new 300 Blackout Tavor, as you can tell they were not disappointed! Only a few lucky people were allowed to shoot the weapon, My friend Hank Strange got a demo form me as well, and as you can clearly see he loved it! This is not the last you will see of the Gear Head Works 300 Blackout Tavor, stay tuned for more testing footage. if you would like to learn more about any of Gear Head Works other products please check them out on their website HERE  All photos seen in this video were taken by our good friend, Oleg Volk check out his work HERE 

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Beretta ARX 100 Frist shots

We take the Beretta ARX 100 first shots at our range for a few function test, and I’m happy to say the ARX preformed perfectly during all of them. We tried a few different kinds of ammo and a few different mags just to make sure that it was a good test for the rifle. Like always we will be doing a full review once we have enough time and rounds down range with the gun.  The Beretta ARX 100 preformed great so far and we don’t expect that to change, but if it does rest assured that we will let you know. If you would like to learn more about the Beretta ARX 100 or any of Beretta’s other fine firearms please visit them at their website. Here

NSR Tactical Custom Kydex

The NSR Tactical Custom kydex setup that you see in this video was tested for many months, and was found to be very comfortable and reliable. Retention on the holster was great right out of the box no adjustments needed. Same with the magazine holder and TDI knife sheath. The draw of the holster was very smooth and fast, re-holstering was also very easy as there was no fumbling or hang-ups when reinserting the gun. Another great thing about this particular holster was the fact that it was a tuck-able holster. What this means is that if you wanted to wear a shirt tucked in to your pants like a polo or something you could. This came in very handy for me as I wore this Kydex holster to church quite often, and needed to have my shirt tucked but still be armed. NSR does a great job of smoothing out and polishing the edges of their gear, there was no sharp edges or nicks in the kydex that would cause it to be uncomfortable or snag on clothing. All this and at a reasonable price. If you would like to get your own NSR Tactical gear please visit them their website Here

Hexmag Full Review

In this video we test the Hexmag magazines. We have been testing these mags for several months now, and have over 1000 rounds through them with no problems whatsoever. Yeah, and we haven’t been exactly easy on them either, form dropping them on the ground a few hounded times, to running them over with the jeep. Life has been hard for these magazines and not even a hiccup so far. We ever throw it in the creek and filled it with mud buy nothing would stop the Hexmag from running. If  you’re in the market for some new mags that are made right here in the USA then check out Hexmag.  Here

First shots with the SCCY CPX-2

We took the SCCY CPX-2 out for the first time today. We ran a ton of different brands and types of 9mm ammunition through the pistol without so much as a single hiccup. The gun ran everything we put in it, and with more than 150 rounds down the pipe, the first test was a success. The CPX2 comes with two Ten round magazines  and both the pinky and flush fit mag plates. The trigger is a  double action long 9 pound pull with a long reset, but it is very smooth and comfortable to shoot. The three dot sights are very easy to pickup and accurate out to at least 20 yards, which is as far as we took it on this trip. The rear sight is made of steel and adjustable  for windage only.  Field stripping the weapon is also very easy and straight forward just as one would expect it to be. We will be doing a lot more testing on the SCCY CPX-2 over the next few months so stay tuned for the full review of this fine little handgun. For more information on the SCCY CPX-2 visit their website. www.sccy.com

What Time Is It

.    Watches, yeah I have them. In fact I’ve been wearing a watch since I was a kid. In a world of smart phones, and the answer to everything at the tip of your fingers, I still love and use one of my many wrist watches everyday. Why, you ask? Style and function.

    Let’s talk about style first because it’s important to most people, whether they want to admit or not. The Isobrite has plenty of style, as you can see. You can tell a lot about a person by the watch they wear, whether it be classy like a Tag or Rolex, or a high tech Suunto, or even a more tactical type watch like the Armourlite Isobrite we are going to be talking about here. It gives you a look at who your dealing with. It tells you something about that person.

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