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Hill & Mac Gunworks Target System

The Hill & Mac Gunworks Target System is one of the best we’ve seen as far as form and function is concerned. The target system is well thought out and works as you’d expect it to. They offer both a rifle and pistol version of the targets, and with many different shapes to choose from. The targets are a reactive system, meaning that every time you hit the target it well fold backwards and then spring forward back into position again to confirm the hit on target. This is a very nice feature especially if you are shooting at distance, because it makes it easier to identify hits. It’s also very rewarding watching the target go down after a well placed hit. Another nice feature that the Hill & Mac Gunworks target system has is the ability to change out the target plates once you make the initial investment in a HMG system. It’s very easy to change plates simply by removing a cotter pin and pulling out and removing the spring pin, then just put whatever plate that HMG offers on, it’s like having a bunch of targets in one. The Hill & Mac Gunworks target system can also be elevated by purchasing an elevation kit sold by HMG. Another option is the target remote reset, unlike some other companies that require you to lug around a car battery to reset your reactive target Hill & Mac Gunworks only uses ¬†four AA batteries in it’s resetter and is good for tens or thousands of resets, and can be used out to a thousand yards. With all the features and options you get with this target system it’s a no brainer, you need this system in your life it your serious about shooting steel and want a product that will last a lifetime. For more information about Hill & Mac Gunworks target systems and pricing please visit there website Here