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Custom S&W M&P By MOD 1 Firearms


In this video we show off the custom Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm done by MOD 1 Firearms. This gun is absolutely one of the best looking guns in our inventory without question. Everything about it just screams awesomeness! from the Patriot brown Cerakote to all the milling work done on the slide of the weapon. Most all of the internals of the gun has been upgraded to parts form Apex including their trigger kit. This Smith & Wesson M&P 9 is also wearing a set of blacked out Warren Tactical Sights and a KKM Precision barrel. Like the custom Glock 19 we had done by MOD 1 Firearms this thing is just beautiful! if you would like to get your gun customized by MOD 1 click on the link to visit their website and shoot them an email, you’ll be glad you did.

MOD 1 Firearms an inside look at weapon customization

In this video we will  accompany our Smith & Wesson M&P while it gets a full custom job from our friends at MOD 1 Firearms. Tag along with us as we give you a full shop tour. Make sure you stick around until the end of the video to see our full interview with Pike Spraggins the owner of MOD 1 Firearms. We talk about everything form how he got into the business of weapon customizing to where he see’s the business going in the future. You’ll follow our gun through the CNC / Milling process. See the weapon getting prepped and blasted before Cerakote, then it’s off to the oven for curing before final assembly. We hope you enjoy coming along with us for this inside look at MOD 1 Firearms. If you would like more information on MOD 1 Firearms, or to get you own custom work done check out their website HERE 

MOD 1 Firearms an inside look at weapon customization

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Sub-Compact Perfection


Where to begin with the capable little Shield…ah there we are! It’s size!  The Shield comes in at a mere 19 oz unloaded. and a length of just of 6.1″.  The width is a slim .95″ overall, and a height of 4.6″. This thing fits me like a glove, and feels like it was made just for me. Now, I’m normally a “Glock Guy” and have been for years. Yeah I know, save it. But, since the introduction of the new M&P series, I find myself going to this platform more and more. Why?, you ask… Well for one, the reason stated above, the thing just feels good in my hands. That’s not the only reason. Not only is it comfortable, but it’s also very reliable as well. As you already know this is a “must” in a carry gun.  It’s not just the Shield but all of the M&P series handguns. I have had 4 in total so far. I still own three of them, and have had them for years. I love them all. Continue Reading