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TacticalWalls Review Secret Hidden Compartment

TacticalWalls Review Secret Hidden Compartment The TacticalWalls 1242 RLS is a secret hidden compartment shelf that allows the owner to hide and conceal just about anything from firearms, money, or jewelry. The possibilities are endless for what you can put in this little top secret 007 vault. I have to admit I do kind of feel like a spy when I’m putting my weapons in this little safe-room of sorts. TacticalWalls offers many different types of hidden normal everyday looking pieces for the consumer to choose from. Like a full size wall mirror like you would typically see in a bedroom for getting dressed in front of. to a very small wall insert that you can hang a picture over. Now lets talk about the actual piece of furniture it’s self, all I can say is it is a very nice shelf all on its own even without the awesome Inspector Gadget secret compartment on the inside for your rifle and pistol. The craftsmanship on the wood is great and looks like any other shelf in your house no one will ever know that it is in fact a hiding spot for your valuables. We put an ar15 rifle and a Glock 19 handgun in our 1242RLS along with a few other items that are part of my EDC like a 5.11 flashlight and my ZT folding knife. We highly recommend TacticalWalls if you have a need to have quick access to a firearms but still need it to stay hidden until you need it, or it you just want to live out your OO7 spy fantasy, either way TacticalWalls has you covered. For more information or to buy your own check them out on the web HERE.