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Remington R51 Is Dead To Me, For Now

Yup the Remington R51 is dead to me, for now anyway. As most of you know we have had a long ordeal with the Remington R51 that has been on going for nearly a year. Remington had released an update a few months ago that they would be shipping peoples newly redone R51’s with a free Pelican case and two free magazines in mid October, Well since we are now in mid November we decided to give Remington another call and check on what is going on? We were told that things have changed and they were now moving their whole R51 team to the new Alabama facility and that we would not be seeing our gun till at least the 2nd quarter of 2015 which would make it over a year without have a gun or our money back. Remington informed us that we had three options to choose from in regards to our R51, number one we could keep waiting for our R51 till mid next year and get the free case and mags, or we could get a full refund of the purchase price of the pistol, if we could produce the original receipt were we bought the handgun from which shouldn’t be a problem as gun shops keep these sort of thing on file. Now for the third and final option and the one we choose and think is the best way to go. Remington will send you a base R1 1911 in place of your R51, The R1 cost about $200 more than the R51 so this is your best choice in our opinion whether you want to keep it or sale it for a profit it’s up to you. If you would like to learn more about Remington you can visit them on the web Here

Remington To Replace The R51 With New Model


As we reported a few weeks ago about Remington removing the R51 form their website, it is now confirmed that Remington will scrap the old R51 and replace it with a new model. Anyone that has a current R51 can receive the new model with a few little extras to boot. Well, it looks like we were right all along about this little mess of a CCW pistol, lets just hope the new model lives up to all the hype. Remington made the announcement today and here it is. Continue Reading

Remington Pulls R51 From Website

So it would appear that Remington has quietly pulled the R51 compact CCW 9mm pistol off of their website. We have also noticed that there are no Remington R51’s at any of the local shops around us. Does this mean that Remington is pulling the plug on this little handgun? Who knows? But, we have had more than one experience with the R51 and none of them were good.

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Where’s My Gun? Remington R51 Update.

So Where’s our gun you ask? Where’s our Remington R51 to be specific? Well that’s a hard question to answer because we don’t know really, we assume it’s safe at Remington getting repaired but after over 1oo days who can be sure. We have called them and received no answers on why it’s taking so long other then to tell us it’s being fixed. Not only do we not have a pistol but we are out our money. We will continue to do update videos till we receive either the weapon back in working order, or our purchase cost back. and to be perfectly honest I’d rather have the money. Stay tuned to TacticalExistence for more updates.