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NSR Tactical Custom Kydex

The NSR Tactical Custom kydex setup that you see in this video was tested for many months, and was found to be very comfortable and reliable. Retention on the holster was great right out of the box no adjustments needed. Same with the magazine holder and TDI knife sheath. The draw of the holster was very smooth and fast, re-holstering was also very easy as there was no fumbling or hang-ups when reinserting the gun. Another great thing about this particular holster was the fact that it was a tuck-able holster. What this means is that if you wanted to wear a shirt tucked in to your pants like a polo or something you could. This came in very handy for me as I wore this Kydex holster to church quite often, and needed to have my shirt tucked but still be armed. NSR does a great job of smoothing out and polishing the edges of their gear, there was no sharp edges or nicks in the kydex that would cause it to be uncomfortable or snag on clothing. All this and at a reasonable price. If you would like to get your own NSR Tactical gear please visit them their website Here