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New Kel-Tec KSG 25 Bullpup Shotgun


Here is the new Ket Tec KSG 25, a 30″ barreled 25 round capacity wonder of coolness. The KSG 25 come in at an MSRP of right around $1,400, the KSG-25 isn’t cheap, but with the ability to hold 25 standard 12 gauge rounds or up 41 mini rounds, and still be shorter than a Standard Remington 870 I think it’s safe to say it’s not a bad deal. This new beast of a shotgun will ship with a Magpul vertical grip, and flip up sights. This is a Bullpup with some bite! Check them out Here: Kel-Tec

Kel-Tec RDB First Production Gun Review

Brian at Homeland Guns “Link Here” Was able to get us one of the first production Kel Tec RDB bullpup rifles on the market to play with. So far the new RDB is a winner, we had no real malfunctions except one magazine failed to lock the bolt open on the last round. The RDB is fully ambidextrous with a bolt release & selector on both sides of the gun and a truly ambi magazine release, similar to the Tavor mag release. The new bullpup also has a charging handle that is non-reciprocating and can be placed on either the right or left side of the weapon. The barrel is a 17.4″ with a 1-7 twist, which is different from some of the pre production rifles that were 1-9. I really have to give it to Kel Tec on the new RDB, it is everything that we hoped it would be. If you would like to learn more about the new Kel Tec RDB check out their website Here

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Here is my full review of the Utas UTS 15.


Let me start off by saying I really wanted to like this firearm. I love the look and overall design of the weapon and had hoped that I would like its performance just as much, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. On average I was consistently having between 5-8% failure rate, and almost all of those coming in the way of failure to feed or failure to eject. So, with that being said, the UTS is being touted as a combat/tactical shotgun, and with a serious issue in the way of reliability I, in good conscious, couldn’t give it a good review. The other thing that I didn’t like about the UTS was the fact that there was just to many covers, buttons, and leavers to open, flip or switch in order to operate the gun. I didn’t realize that this would bother me until the first day I took it to the range. Then it became abundantly clear that

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