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Viewer Requested Full Auto Fun!


Well, a lot of you guys have asked for it and here it is. Viewer Requested Full Auto Fun! I guess seeing the pond just setting there being pretty in the background of all our videos was just too much for some of you guys to handle! So you wanted us to go all mid-evil on it with a full auto machine gun! We heard you and responded accordingly. In this video we are shooting the M16 lower with an LWRC 10 1/2″ upper, with a Beta C-Mag 100 round drum magazine feeding the weapon. Hey it’s a tuff job but someone has to do it, right? What could be better than shooting machine guns for you guys? We hope you enjoyed this fun little video and make sure you come back for more!

Hexmag Full Review

In this video we test the Hexmag magazines. We have been testing these mags for several months now, and have over 1000 rounds through them with no problems whatsoever. Yeah, and we haven’t been exactly easy on them either, form dropping them on the ground a few hounded times, to running them over with the jeep. Life has been hard for these magazines and not even a hiccup so far. We ever throw it in the creek and filled it with mud buy nothing would stop the Hexmag from running. If  you’re in the market for some new mags that are made right here in the USA then check out Hexmag.  Here

Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 Suppressed

In this video we shoot the Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 Suppressed for the first time. The gun performed great with the AAC M4-2000 suppressor and Wolf Performance Ammunition, as well as any other ammo we tested in it. We really enjoyed shooting this rifle with and without the silencer. As you can see we have added a few accessories to the weapon like the Aimpoint Comp m2 and the Magpul AFG, and Manta rail covers. If you haven’t seen our previous videos on the Faxon ARAK be sure to check those out as well. For more  information on the ARAK-21 visit their website: