Tavor vs Ar-15 Reload Challenge


First let me start by saying the Ar-15 in this video is not a Cobalt Kinetics rifle. The custom rifles that Cobalt builds have been designed to aid in making reloads faster and seem to work very well from what we’ve seen. Now with that being said I know you’ve been told that you can’t reload a bullpup as fast as an ar-15, and that’s true. You can reload it even faster! This video was all done in fun and is kind of tongue and cheek, but with a little training as you can see you can become very fast with a platform like the IWI Tavor. Ar-15’s are great and we run them most of the time, but let’s not forget it’s not the only thing out there. Continue Reading

40 Fit to Fight or Fit to Fail

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.39.34 AM

Hello, my name is forty. I come from a generation that grew up watching the Andy Griffith show at supper time, and could hardly wait till Saturday morning so I could watch bugs bunny on one of the three channels we had on our huge 19 inch TV. My X games consisted of a big wheel and a steep hill. My “call of duty” was keeping my room clean and getting the chores done before the old man got home from work. My social media was a huffy bicycle that I rode to see my friends down the road. My idea of respect for my elders and those in potions of authority were not debatable, a good swift backhand to the lips or a good solid swipe of a leather belt seemed to reinforce the importance of respecting others. Sunday morning preaching taught me to value the life of everyone, because we’re all going through a battle in this world….it’s funny how all the small things added up in my generation to produce men and women that knew the best way to get ahead in life was to keep your hands working instead of stretching them out for a freebie. Continue Reading

Hill & Mac Gunworks Target System

The Hill & Mac Gunworks Target System is one of the best we’ve seen as far as form and function is concerned. The target system is well thought out and works as you’d expect it to. They offer both a rifle and pistol version of the targets, and with many different shapes to choose from. The targets are a reactive system, meaning that every time you hit the target it well fold backwards and then spring forward back into position again to confirm the hit on target. This is a very nice feature especially if you are shooting at distance, because it makes it easier to identify hits. It’s also very rewarding watching the target go down after a well placed hit. Another nice feature that the Hill & Mac Gunworks target system has is the ability to change out the target plates once you make the initial investment in a HMG system. It’s very easy to change plates simply by removing a cotter pin and pulling out and removing the spring pin, then just put whatever plate that HMG offers on, it’s like having a bunch of targets in one. The Hill & Mac Gunworks target system can also be elevated by purchasing an elevation kit sold by HMG. Another option is the target remote reset, unlike some other companies that require you to lug around a car battery to reset your reactive target Hill & Mac Gunworks only uses ¬†four AA batteries in it’s resetter and is good for tens or thousands of resets, and can be used out to a thousand yards. With all the features and options you get with this target system it’s a no brainer, you need this system in your life it your serious about shooting steel and want a product that will last a lifetime. For more information about Hill & Mac Gunworks target systems and pricing please visit there website Here

SWAT K9 Integration Course

We decided to go along with some of our local law enforcement officers to a SWAT K9 integration course. The video you see above is the result of that trip. The course consists of several different types of training including firearms training, search and rescue, tunnel training, OC gas training and much more over the course of several days. I was amazed at the drive, dedication and team work of both man and animal! The temperature was over 100 degrees with the heat index and they had been training for several days in the hot sun, so they deserve nothing but respect for the hard work they put into what they do! I can tell you this though you don’t want to be on the business end of one of these K9 cops when it’s work time I can assure you of that, because when they are working it’s all business! We had a great time as usual with these guys they are true professionals and most of them personal friends. I think if more people really knew or wanted to know how hard these people work to keep us all safe it would change a lot of peoples minds and opinions of police officers in general for the better! It’s not an easy job folks.



Seems like everyone is getting their CCW permit nowadays, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing in it’s self, but most people seem to think they are ready for anything that this crazy violent world can throw at them after receiving a permit to carry a firearm. Well, think again. Coming from a guy that has been shooting and training for most of my life, I can tell you first hand you have no training at all if all you have done is taken a CCW class. What you received was licensing to carry a firearm, that’s it! No more, no less. Now, coming from my instructors side, I see this all the time and preach this in my classes. I always tell my students, “Now that you can carry a weapon, you need to learn how to use it.”. Some seem puzzled by this statment, “I thought this was my training?”, thats one you hear a lot. If you really want to protect yourself and family you really are doing yourself and them a great injustice by not seeking out the Continue Reading