US Optics ER25 Review

Scope 5
I recently had the opportunity to evaluate a US Optics ER25 with Alamo Four Star DLOC mount website on my new Desert Tech SRS Covert. It was set up with the 16” 308 barrel and outfitted with a YHM Phantom suppressor. The pairing was excellent.

This was actually my first time shooting a USO scope, although I do own the 15-40 field scope and use it all the time. Opening the box was an eye opening experience. This optic is meant to stand up to the end of the world. It is massive and makes the Desert Tech seem small despite the rifle’s size. The scope bell actually stuck past the shortened forearm of the Covert chassis slightly after getting the eye relief set. Continue Reading

M1 Bullpup REM T3 Reticule Enhancement   For FN PS90

If you have an FN ps90 with any of the ring sights you need to watch this video! The M1 Bullpup REM T3 Reticule Enhancement For FN PS90 is a must have for all FN ps90 or p90 ring sight owners no matter which factory sight you have White, green or black. The M1 Bullpup REM T3 Reticule Enhancement Module makes shooting the weapon in bright daylight or snow much more enjoyable.  The REM T3 has 11 different brightness setting that helps to eliminate washout in any lighting conditions. You can install the REM T3 yourself, but it’s not the quickest install. you can have the manufacturer install it on your sight also by sending in the sight, which is option we choose. The kit runs $89.00 at the time of this video and includes two batteries and everything you need to install it except the epoxy which you can get from just about any big box store. If you would like more information on the M1 Bullpup REM T3 Reticule Enhancement Module please visit their website HERE.