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Barrett 82A1 Semi Auto 50 BMG

We had a great time out shooting the Barrett 82a1 semi auto 50 BMG with a few of our friends and one of our favorite sponsors, Paul from Gear Head Works. The Barrett 50 cal powerhouse was so smooth and flawless in its operation, it is just a joy to shoot. So many people are scared to death of the 50 BMG round due to its massive size and reputation. But, if you have ever shot one you already know that it’s really not that bad especially when being fired from the 82a1. It just soaks up so much of the recoil with its dual barrel springs and bolt spring system. If I were to compare it to something it would probably be like a 12ga firing a 3″ slug. Continue Reading

Worlds First 300 Blackout Tavor by Gear Head Works

Over the weekend at the 2014 Bullpup Convention in Park City KY, Paul at Gear head Works announced the worlds first 300 Blackout Tavor by Gear Head Works. We of course were on hand to demo the guns first shots to the public. Everyone that came out to see the announcement and demo we’re very impressed with how well the system worked and how smooth it was. We did run suppressed but with only non subsonic ammunition, still trying to work all the bugs out on the subsonic ammo. The reps for IWI were not leaving there without shooting the new 300 Blackout Tavor, as you can tell they were not disappointed! Only a few lucky people were allowed to shoot the weapon, My friend Hank Strange got a demo form me as well, and as you can clearly see he loved it! This is not the last you will see of the Gear Head Works 300 Blackout Tavor, stay tuned for more testing footage. if you would like to learn more about any of Gear Head Works other products please check them out on their website HERE  All photos seen in this video were taken by our good friend, Oleg Volk check out his work HERE 

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Remington To Replace The R51 With New Model


As we reported a few weeks ago about Remington removing the R51 form their website, it is now confirmed that Remington will scrap the old R51 and replace it with a new model. Anyone that has a current R51 can receive the new model with a few little extras to boot. Well, it looks like we were right all along about this little mess of a CCW pistol, lets just hope the new model lives up to all the hype. Remington made the announcement today and here it is. Continue Reading

Remington Pulls R51 From Website

So it would appear that Remington has quietly pulled the R51 compact CCW 9mm pistol off of their website. We have also noticed that there are no Remington R51’s at any of the local shops around us. Does this mean that Remington is pulling the plug on this little handgun? Who knows? But, we have had more than one experience with the R51 and none of them were good.

20140331_124151 Continue Reading

Some Open Carry Activist Fighting to Kill Our Rights

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Ok, I know you’ve all seen them, the guys on YouTube carrying their AR’s and AK’s in Walmart, Target, and Starbucks, etc. Maybe even carrying their rifle down the street at the Easter day parade while hundreds, if not thousands, stand by with their children having a good time and enjoying their day, until you show up. Yeah you, the guys that think they’re the coolest thing since sliced bread. The  “would be heroes”, if you will, to the gun community by slinging their AR’s over their shoulder and strapping a Go Pro to their forehead and walking around town, alarming the public at large and baiting the police. Guess what? You’re not helping! If anything you’re hurting us all! Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. If you think that you’re not making people uncomfortable by doing this…think again! It would make me uncomfortable! If I was out at a gas station or a fast food restaurant and a guy comes in with a rifle…you can bet he just got my full attention! And I’ll tell you why. Continue Reading

Hi-point 995TS Review

There are many people who have dealt with Hi-point firearms in the past and just brush them off as a cheap gun meant to be used by people who may not be looking for quality. While this may be true on their handguns it is certainly not true for their 9mm carbine. I bought one a few months ago for my wife, she is a tiny woman and has trouble with the AR’s due to their overall length. I have been testing it out and I will say that I am pleased with the results of my findings.

995TS Continue Reading

Gear Head Works TMF Review


As many of you, that have been around TacticalExistence very long, will know I have tested many accessories for the Tavor rifle. The Gear Head Works TMF “ Tavor Modular Forearm”  has become one of my favorites because of  it’s well thought out design and toughness.


Lets get started with the design. The TMF is made from .900” aluminum, for weight savings and to match up with the factory stock of the Tavor perfectly.  The end cap is made up of a harder 6061 billet aluminum for added strength. All are finished in either a black or FDE “flat dark earth” cerakote, which looks great. Not only does it look great but it also helps to keep the handgaurd cool under rapid fire even more so than anodizing, which is a plus. I do, however, prefer anodizing just for it’s hardness. That’s just my personal preference. Continue Reading

We Only Hurt the Ones We Love


So, I realize that the title of this article is kind of strange for a gun and gear site, but please bare with me and I think you will start to see where I’m coming from.
So why title it “We Only Hurt the Ones We Love”? Well, the best way to explain it is to say a lot of times we are our own worst enemies when it comes to the gun rights and supporting people, and companies that could care less about you or your rights. The recent article from Dick Metcalf in the December issue of “Guns and Ammo”, Metcalf shares his views on gun regulation and how most think that any regulation is a form of infringement. What he failed to see and acknowledge is that gun rights have had more regulations than most tend to want to talk about, and we are tired of regulations which leads to our rights being taken away. This is just the latest in a long line of examples of exactly what I’m talking about.



Seems like everyone is getting their CCW permit nowadays, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing in it’s self, but most people seem to think they are ready for anything that this crazy violent world can throw at them after receiving a permit to carry a firearm. Well, think again. Coming from a guy that has been shooting and training for most of my life, I can tell you first hand you have no training at all if all you have done is taken a CCW class. What you received was licensing to carry a firearm, that’s it! No more, no less. Now, coming from my instructors side, I see this all the time and preach this in my classes. I always tell my students, “Now that you can carry a weapon, you need to learn how to use it.”. Some seem puzzled by this statment, “I thought this was my training?”, thats one you hear a lot. If you really want to protect yourself and family you really are doing yourself and them a great injustice by not seeking out the Continue Reading

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Sub-Compact Perfection


Where to begin with the capable little Shield…ah there we are! It’s size!  The Shield comes in at a mere 19 oz unloaded. and a length of just of 6.1″.  The width is a slim .95″ overall, and a height of 4.6″. This thing fits me like a glove, and feels like it was made just for me. Now, I’m normally a “Glock Guy” and have been for years. Yeah I know, save it. But, since the introduction of the new M&P series, I find myself going to this platform more and more. Why?, you ask… Well for one, the reason stated above, the thing just feels good in my hands. That’s not the only reason. Not only is it comfortable, but it’s also very reliable as well. As you already know this is a “must” in a carry gun.  It’s not just the Shield but all of the M&P series handguns. I have had 4 in total so far. I still own three of them, and have had them for years. I love them all. Continue Reading