Full Auto.

IWI X95 Micro Tavor In Full Auto

Shooting the IWI X95 micro Tavor in full auto was a blast at the 2014 Bullpup Convention! This little rifle handles like a race car and is as fast as one too! The X95 is quick on target and ergonomics are excellent. The new location of the magazine release was very natural and familiar. We loved the picatinny rails under the forend covers for mounting all your accessories to the gun. Now we just have to wait for IWI and the ATF to play nice together, so we can get a civilian legal version to market. The weapon had not one problem that we seen while shooting in both semi and fully automatic. They shot a lot of ammo through it let me tell you, I’m talking thousands of rounds! So, what more can we say about the Micro X95 Tavor? It’s fast, smooth, sexy and handles like a dream. What more can we say? We want one for our own! If you would like to check out IWI please visit their website HERE

Full Auto 10/22 In Red Jacket ZK-22 Stock Shot on Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Here we are shooting a full auto 10/22 In Red Jacket ZK-22 stock shot on Apple iPhone 6 Plus in slow motion. We ran into Joe from Red Jacket Firearms at the 2014 Bullpup Convention in Park City KY. Joe had one of their ZK-22 stocks on display with a full auto Ruger 10/22 inside, and the rest is history. What a cool little rifle this is, and a blast to shoot! The convention offered many guns of every caliber imaginable, and we took every opportunity to shoot them! if you would like to learn more about the Red Jacket Firearms ZK-22 stock please visit them on their website HERE

Viewer Requested Full Auto Fun!


Well, a lot of you guys have asked for it and here it is. Viewer Requested Full Auto Fun! I guess seeing the pond just setting there being pretty in the background of all our videos was just too much for some of you guys to handle! So you wanted us to go all mid-evil on it with a full auto machine gun! We heard you and responded accordingly. In this video we are shooting the M16 lower with an LWRC 10 1/2″ upper, with a Beta C-Mag 100 round drum magazine feeding the weapon. Hey it’s a tuff job but someone has to do it, right? What could be better than shooting machine guns for you guys? We hope you enjoyed this fun little video and make sure you come back for more!