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40 Fit to Fight or Fit to Fail

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Hello, my name is forty. I come from a generation that grew up watching the Andy Griffith show at supper time, and could hardly wait till Saturday morning so I could watch bugs bunny on one of the three channels we had on our huge 19 inch TV. My X games consisted of a big wheel and a steep hill. My “call of duty” was keeping my room clean and getting the chores done before the old man got home from work. My social media was a huffy bicycle that I rode to see my friends down the road. My idea of respect for my elders and those in potions of authority were not debatable, a good swift backhand to the lips or a good solid swipe of a leather belt seemed to reinforce the importance of respecting others. Sunday morning preaching taught me to value the life of everyone, because we’re all going through a battle in this world….it’s funny how all the small things added up in my generation to produce men and women that knew the best way to get ahead in life was to keep your hands working instead of stretching them out for a freebie. Continue Reading