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Lucas Gun Oil

.      I was just window shopping at the farming store when I came across some Lucas gun oil. I am a big fan of Lucas products in my vehicle and at fewer than four bucks I figured it was worth a try. Upon getting home I looked it up to learn a little more about it. Lucas gun oil was designed to prevent jamming and stand up to the high heat in large machine guns. While I do not currently have any large machine guns lying around to test this, I did try to out do it. I will say this is some of the best oil I have used and I will continue to use this from now on. Continue Reading

Some Open Carry Activist Fighting to Kill Our Rights

no guns allowed

Ok, I know you’ve all seen them, the guys on YouTube carrying their AR’s and AK’s in Walmart, Target, and Starbucks, etc. Maybe even carrying their rifle down the street at the Easter day parade while hundreds, if not thousands, stand by with their children having a good time and enjoying their day, until you show up. Yeah you, the guys that think they’re the coolest thing since sliced bread. The  “would be heroes”, if you will, to the gun community by slinging their AR’s over their shoulder and strapping a Go Pro to their forehead and walking around town, alarming the public at large and baiting the police. Guess what? You’re not helping! If anything you’re hurting us all! Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. If you think that you’re not making people uncomfortable by doing this…think again! It would make me uncomfortable! If I was out at a gas station or a fast food restaurant and a guy comes in with a rifle…you can bet he just got my full attention! And I’ll tell you why. Continue Reading