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Gear Head Works TMF Review


As many of you, that have been around TacticalExistence very long, will know I have tested many accessories for the Tavor rifle. The Gear Head Works TMF “ Tavor Modular Forearm”  has become one of my favorites because of  it’s well thought out design and toughness.


Lets get started with the design. The TMF is made from .900” aluminum, for weight savings and to match up with the factory stock of the Tavor perfectly.  The end cap is made up of a harder 6061 billet aluminum for added strength. All are finished in either a black or FDE “flat dark earth” cerakote, which looks great. Not only does it look great but it also helps to keep the handgaurd cool under rapid fire even more so than anodizing, which is a plus. I do, however, prefer anodizing just for it’s hardness. That’s just my personal preference. Continue Reading