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We Only Hurt the Ones We Love


So, I realize that the title of this article is kind of strange for a gun and gear site, but please bare with me and I think you will start to see where I’m coming from.
So why title it “We Only Hurt the Ones We Love”? Well, the best way to explain it is to say a lot of times we are our own worst enemies when it comes to the gun rights and supporting people, and companies that could care less about you or your rights. The recent article from Dick Metcalf in the December issue of “Guns and Ammo”, Metcalf shares his views on gun regulation and how most think that any regulation is a form of infringement. What he failed to see and acknowledge is that gun rights have had more regulations than most tend to want to talk about, and we are tired of regulations which leads to our rights being taken away. This is just the latest in a long line of examples of exactly what I’m talking about.

The ‘Tactical Beard’ And The Men Who Have Them

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So, with this being “No Shave November” it got me thinking about all the people in the gun and gear community that have facial hair. That gave me an idea, “Well, why don’t I write a piece on some of the people in the industry and let people vote on their favorite?”

Now, with that being said, I will be including myself (even though most of you probably have no idea who I am, and that’s ok because I’m kind of new as far as putting myself, videos, thoughts and views out there).  As a lot of you may have noticed a lot of people in the gun and gear community are sporting some sort of facial hair, in some fashion or another, including myself, and that’s where I’m going to start. Continue Reading