New Tailhook Pistol Brace From Gear Head Works


In a virtual jungle of pistol braces, the new Tailhook from Gear Head Works, is a lion stalking its prey. This new brace blurs all the lines between pistol and rifle. Gear Head Works has a knack for looking at the market and seeing what could and should be better.

I have been using and testing the Tailhook pistol brace for over a year, through multiple variations, and let me be the first to tell you that the Tailhook is nothing short of spectacular in it’s design. Gear Head Works already has ATF approval on the injection molded collapsible Tailhook pictured here and is awaiting approval for the ever so adaptable aluminum version seen below.

Several manufactures have already shown interest in the new brace and I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see the new brace on some factory guns in the near future. The new Tailhook from Gear Head Works, works as follows: While the brace is closed and locked, it functions like any standard stock on the market being shot either from the cheek or, the ever so controversial, shoulder mount position; which we have done on SBR rifles and machine-guns. The new brace works flawlessly in both roles.

What makes the new brace revolutionary is the way that the hook portion unfolds so that the shooter can insert their forearm through the brace to help support the weight in shooting a pistol. We noticed that many users like to shoot the brace with their arm through the hook portion of the brace and both hands on the pistol grip of the gun. This really makes for some comfortable and accurate shooting.


The collapsible version of the Tailhook will come with the Tailhook itself, a propriety buffer tube (which allows the brace to be adjusted to the shooters liking), a castle nut and a backplate. Gear Head Works is striving to deliver the collapsable Tailhook to market for right under $200, which I feel is more than reasonable for what you get. The pure beauty of the Tailhook is that it can be adapted for almost any firearm between the two versions. We have put it on everything from a Kriss Vector, an AK 47 and heck we even put in on an Uzi. Of course we put it on more AR’s than California could shake a stick at. To say that the Tailhook is adaptable is an understatement.

The pictures you see here are of the 3D printed prototype versions of the brace (the production model may differ in appearance slightly, as improvements have been made in the design). Gear Head Works is currently having injection molds made and is planning to release as soon as they are done. I should note that testing of the Tailhook was done on pistols, SBR rifles, and even machine-guns. We wanted to really put it through its paces and the GHW Tailhook took it all in stride never even batting an eye.

When it comes to adjusting the Tailhook it’s very easy and intuitive, you simply push in the button on the side of the brace and either push it in or pull it out to fit your needs. Opening the brace is equally as simple. There is a small button on the side of the brace which is pulled back to open the hook to allow the shooter to then place their arm through the Tailhook and wrap their hand around the pistol grip. The hook portion of the brace then aides in supporting the arm by taking some of the weight off of the wrist and hand.

The design of the Tailhook is ingenious yet simple and wait there’s more; it has the good looks to go along with it. The new Tailhook pistol brace from Gear Head Works is like a hot wife who loves football and can cook, it’s the total package! The aluminum Tailhook should be approved any day and may very well hit the market before the injection molded version, do to it being machined and not having to have an injection mold made.

The aluminum Tailhook has the same concept, but it isn’t collapsable and is made out of aluminum. The aluminum Tailhook is beautifully machined out of aircraft grade aluminum. The Tailhook looks and works great on whatever you decide to install it on. The new GHW brace fits on virtually any pistol buffer tube, between 1.17″ &  1.2” in diameter, by loosening two small screws on the rear of the brace and sliding the Tailhook on to a pistol buffer tube, then retightening the screws and your Tailhook pistol brace is ready for action.
If you would like to see the Tailhook in more detail and learn more about this new pistol brace please click the link to our video Here.

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IWI X95 Bullpup First impressions

This video is from our first trip to the range with the new IWI X95 bullpup Rifle. Like the Tavor the X95 will run any kind of ammo you want to put in it. We tested Federal, Remington, Tula, Wolf Gold, Wolf Steel, and a few others with no issues whatsoever. The recoil is smooth and fairly light, just like it’s IWI big brother. The new magazine release on the X95 is ok, but we still prefer the one on the Tavor better. The biggest and best improvement over the Tavor is the built in rail system on the new x95. The new gun has both left right, and bottom standard picatinny rails, with easily removable covers. The new X95 also features a full picatinny top rail with back up sights that are built into the rail. Overall our first impressions of this new offering from IWI are very good. We will do another video on the gun after we have had a lot more time with it. If you want to learn more about the new X95 rifle from IWI click the link here:

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IWI X95 Aftermarket Triggers???

We have been asked several times if the aftermarket IWI Tavor triggers, such as the Shooting Sight TAV-D, and Geissel Automatics Super Sabra work in the new IWI X95. The short answer is yes, but with some minor modifications. We go over what needed to been done to our x95 in order for the Shooting Sight TAV-D, and Geissele Super Sabra triggers to work properly.

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DRT Ammunition 9mm Terminal Shock

This will be the first test in a series of tests that we will do with the DRT “Dynamic Research Technologies” Terminal Shock series. In This video we shoot the 9mm hollow Point through a 16″ Clear Ballistics block. We use a Glock 19, and a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 for the test, both fired and about 3 yards. We also fire the DRT Terminal Shock rounds through six layers of denim. We were very impressed with the performance of the ammo, both in penetration and wound channel. The results we got were exactly what DRT claims in its advertisements, which we really liked. This ammo is best suited for CCW, and home defense for the damage it causes, and it’s ability not to over penetrate. We will be doing more test with this ammo, as well as some other calibers from DRT Ammunition. If you would like to learn more about DRT, and the different kind of ammunition they offer please visit their website here:

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Magpul Pmag D60 Drum Magazine Testing

In our testing of the Magpul D60 drum magazine, we found the D60 to be a little hard to load, but it seemed to function in just about everything we put it in, other than the guns stated in the video. The Magpul D60 can be loaded and stored away without any ill effects, this is a plus considering that it can be a pain to load. We like the D60 given Magpul”s reputation for making quality products. The D60 retails for $129, but you can find it cheaper if you look around. We have to give Magpul high marks on this one. If you want to learn more about the Magpul D60 click the link: Here

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Slide Fire SSAR-15 MOD Stock Review

Here is our review of the Slide Fire SSAR-15 MOD Shock. LIke the the Slide Fire stock before it is a blast to shoot, especially with todays cost of a true full auto m16! it is just about as easy to keep on target as a regular m16 and just about as much fun as one too! if you can afford the ammo and want to have a good time with your rifle, and put a smile on everyones face that shoots it, than the Slide Fire SSAR is for you! Click the link to learn more about the new SSAR-15 stock from Slide Fire: Here

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Silencerco Salvo 12 Shotgun suppressor Review

The Silencerco Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor is a very adjustable12 gauge shotgun silencer. The Salvo is able to transform form a 12″, 10″, 8′, or even a 6″ suppressor, with the addition of some shorter rods from Silencerco. With the Salvo attached the shotguns were much quieter of course, and had greatly reduced recoil, as one would expect from a $1,400 shotgun silencer. The Salvo is easy to install on your shotguns, by just adding a choke adaptor. We were very impressed with the Silencerco Salvo 12 suppressor, it was very comfortable one the ears and the shoulder. if you shoot a shotgun a lot, or if you hunt with a shotgun, and can afford the price tag, the Salvo 12 is for you. To check out the salvo 12 in more detail click the link here.

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OSS Operators Suppressor Systems Demo

Here is our video on the OSS ” Operators Suppressor system”. We try out the OSS suppressor on several different guns, including the Boba Fett Tavor.  We also do some shooting with the new Magpul D60, and Slide Fire SSAR-15 MOD stock. To find out more about OSS suppressors check them out Here.

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Custom Boba Fett Tavor by Blown Deadline & Gear Head Works

Here is the ever popular custom Boba Fett IWI Tavor, done by Blown Deadline and Gear Head Works. In the video we will give you a closer look at this Star Wars inspired masterpiece. You will also see us shooting the Boba Fett blaster with the new Magpul Pmag D60 drum magazine, and an OSS Gen 4 suppressor.

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Apex Flat Trigger For Walther PPQ

The guys over at Apex Tactical Specialties sent us one of the soon to be released triggers, this time for the ever popular Walther PPQ. The Walther PPQ already has one of the best factory triggers out there for a striker fired handgun. Walther asked Apex if they could do an even better aftermarket trigger for their PPQ pistol. Apex as usual was up to the challenge! The new flat faced forward set trigger doesn’t change the factory trigger pull weight, although many may argue that it does, because of the way the trigger is designed it feels lighter. We seen the most improvement in the triggers travel, which seemed to be significantly decreased from the factory trigger. Another area where the PPQ Flat Faced Trigger shined was in the Reset, and the break, both of these areas seemed greatly improved over stock. After all of the testing we did on the new trigger we don’t have any problems recommending this new trigger to all the PPQ owners out there. if you would like to learn more about the new Apex Flat Faced Forward Set Trigger for the Walther PPQ check out Apex’s website Here

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